Mike Mason

Former FBI Executive Assistant Director Mike Mason heard that his school district didn’t have enough bus drivers to start the year, so he became one.

After a distinguished 23 year career in the Bureau, 12 year career as a senior executive in the private sector, and serving as an officer in the U.S. Marines for five years, one couldn’t blame FBIAA member and former FBI Executive Assistant Director Mike Mason if he wanted to ease into a well-deserved retirement.

Instead, when he heard that the school district where he lives in Chesterfield County, Virginia was in desperate need of school bus drivers, Mike immediately signed up and learned to drive a bus. “I’ve done some important things, but guess what? This is important, too,” Mike told a local news channel.

“I believe if all of us gave a little something….Wow, how we could impact the world. How we could change the world.”

Watch news coverage of Mike stepping up when his community was in need.

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