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FBIAA works with a variety of providers for exclusive access to a range of enhanced insurance coverage and other services.

Professional Liability Insurance

FBIAA members can purchase a professional liability insurance policy that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of FBIAA Special Agents. Coverage limits of this policy are higher than the traditional professional liability insurance offerings in areas where Agents are most exposed. This policy does not require the holder to be found within the scope of his/her employment for coverage, as is the case with other policies.

Wills, Powers of Attorney

FBIAA has partnered with the Florian Foundation to work with members to prepare Simple Wills, Advanced Medical Directives and Durable Powers of Attorney free of charge.

Digital Security

FBIAA members have access to a digital security solution designed to protect the things that matter most: identity, money and assets, family and reputation, and privacy.

Contingent Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance with Long Term Care Rider

FBIAA members have access to a voluntary Term Life Insurance Program including a Long Term Care option. The program is offered to eligible FBIAA members, spouses and dependent children.

Critical Illness Coverage with Annual Wellness Benefits

FBIAA members have access to The Critical Illness Program that provides lump sum payments for diagnosis of invasive cancer, skin cancer, heart attack, stroke, coronary artery disease, coma, or major organ failure. This program is offered to eligible FBIAA members, spouses and dependent children.

Accidental Injury Benefits Can Cover Entire Family

FBIAA members have access to the Accident Indemnity Insurance Program which pays specific benefits for initial care, injuries, treatment, facility care and follow-up from an accident or injury.

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