The History of the FBIAA®

Our History


FBIAA was founded in 1981 in response to the growing recognition that FBI Special Agents needed to join together in order to protect and advance the interests of their profession.

The Association was incorporated under the laws of the District of Columbia as a non-profit corporation on September 18, 1981.

Craig L Dotlo

A desire grew to form an agents association to address the concerns of its members, not merely in times of crises, but on a continual basis. We needed access to competent legal counsel and to a united voice that would be heard by administrators at the FBI, by members of Congress, by the media, by our national leaders and by the American people.

First FBIAA President SSA Craig L. Dotlo (Retired)

Over the years, our mission has remained focused on advancing and safeguarding the careers, economic interests and conditions of employment of FBI Special Agents.

To that end, FBIAA has consistently spearheaded efforts to secure important protections and benefits for Agents including sick leave, locality pay and relocation bonuses. Over the years, we have also worked to prevent budget cuts that threatened Agents’ pay and benefits as well as their ability to conduct investigations and perform other duties required to protect the public from criminal and terrorist threats.

In addition, FBIAA has established the FBIAA Memorial College Fund and the FBIAA Membership Assistance Fund to benefit Agents and their families.

Today, the FBIAA remains dedicated to supporting and advocating for its more than 14,000 members, both current and retired Special Agents.

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FBIAA membership is open to all active and retired Special Agents of the FBI.