G-Man Honors: A Salute to FBI Heroes

Honoring the Men and Women of the FBI

The annual G-Man Honors: A Salute to FBI Heroes recognizes the service and sacrifice of the men and women of the FBI and benefits the FBIAA’s Memorial College Fund and Membership Assistance Fund.

Director Wray

Pride in your parents doesn’t take away the sadness, but I do hope it helps knowing that your moms and dad were really good people doing really good work.

FBI Director Christopher Wray

2021 G-Man Honors

The 2021 G-Man Honors was held on November 18th  and included a special remembrance of the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The 2021 G-Man Honors raised more than $870,000 for the FBIAA’s two charitable funds.

The G-Man Honors Benefits FBIAA’s Two Charitable Funds

FBIAA operates two 501(c)(3) charitable funds that offer vital assistance to FBI families in need. The FBIAA Memorial College Fund helps the children of deceased FBI Agents achieve their college dreams and the FBIAA Membership Assistance Fund assists FBIAA members and their families in coping with emergencies and unforeseen tragedies. Tax deductible contributions to the FBIAA Memorial College Fund and the FBIAA Membership Assistance Fund make a difference in the lives of Agents and their families.

Distinguished Service Award

Recognizing people who make a difference

Jerri Williams
Jerri Williams
Special Agent (Ret.),
Author and Podcaster