Advancing the interests of Agents on Capitol Hill and within the Executive Branch


FBIAA® represents our members’ interests at the Federal level in several ways. Our views are sought by members of Congress and leaders in the Executive Branch, we are invited to serve on Governmental commissions; and our views are widely covered in the national media; our recommendations are given to the Director of the FBI; and our overall contributions serve as a benefit for all FBI agents.

FBIAA® Advocacy

FBIAA’s advocacy focuses on the issues that impact Agents’ ability to do their work and range from national security to federal budget issues, as well as administrative issues within the FBI.

Your Voice in Washington

FBIAA advocates for Agents directly and with the help of Bracewell LLP, which provides advocacy and strategic communications services to the association as well as serves as FBIAA’s general counsel.

Become a Member

FBIAA® membership is open to all active and retired Special Agents of the FBI.