FBI Agents Association: Court Should Reject Motion by Murderer of FBI Special Agent Sam Hicks for Reduction in Sentence

The FBI Agents Association (FBIAA), the professional association representing over 14,000 active and retired Special Agents, strongly opposes the motion by Christina Korbe, who murdered FBI Special Agent Sam Hicks in 2008, to be released from prison before completing her 15 year sentence for that crime.  FBIAA urges the court to reject Korbe’s motion.  

FBIAA President Brian O’Hare issued the following statement:

“It is important that the tragic facts surrounding the killing of Special Agent Hicks are not forgotten. On November 19, 2008, Christina Korbe opened fire on law enforcement officers who were executing a federal arrest warrant associated with a drug distribution ring, killing 33 year-old FBI Special Agent Sam Hicks. Agent Hicks, who had served with the FBI for 18 months and had previously served with the Baltimore (MD) Police Department for two years, was survived by his wife, Brooke, and two-year old son Noah.

Korbe’s subsequent decision to plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter allowed her to accept a sentence of 15 years in prison–a sentence that pales in comparison to the consequences of her actions. Requiring Korbe to serve that sentence is necessary to honor the memory of Agent Hicks and to protect all other law enforcement officers who place themselves in harm’s way to protect the public. 

This is at least the third time in the last seven years that Korbe has sought to avoid serving the sentence she agreed to in 2008.  She has not demonstrated the “extraordinary and compelling” reasons that must exist to justify compassionate release. The Hicks family must live their lives without their loved one – a husband, father and son– forever because of Korbe, and she should not be able use her family as an excuse to avoid responsibility for the death of Agent Hicks.

Special Agents risk their lives to protect our country, and the loss of any Special Agent is devastating to families, communities, and our country. For justice to be served, Korbe should remain in prison and serve every single day of her sentence.”


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