Membership Services Overview

The FBIAA currently has a membership of over 13,000 active and retired Special Agents, representing approximately three quarters of all agents presently employed by the Bureau.

  • Active Members - Annual dues for Active members (onboard Special Agents) are currently $130 per year or $5 per pay period. Payment of dues can be made bi-weekly through automatic payroll deduction. 
  • Retired Members pay $26 per year. Retired membership entitles the member to website access, a quarterly digital newsletter and occasional special offers reserved for members (i.e. anniversary sales and commemorative items). 

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Benefits of Membership

Professional Liability InsuranceThe FBIAA has worked with a company that offers a new Professional Liability Insurance policy that the company has specifically tailored to meet the needs of FBIAA active members. This new policy, which FBIAA active members can consider purchasing, is designed to provide an additional option to the FBIAA members.  The company has explained that under their policy, coverage limits are higher than the traditional professional liability insurance offerings in areas where we are most exposed. This policy does not require that you be found “within the scope of your employment” for coverage, as is the case with other policies.  Additional information can be obtained by logging into you FBIAA member account. 

A United Voice​ - The Association provides members with a united voice to articulate priority issues to the appropriate authorities both within and outside the FBI.

Internal Legal Representation - The FBIAA has under retainer a Washington, D.C. law firm specializing in federal employment law. Members of the FBIAA are entitled to free legal consultation for internal administrative actions and follow up representation as required. Our legal counsel has years of experience in dealing with the procedures of the FBI.

Internal Advocacy – Using established lines of communication with executive management personnel the FBIAA will advocate on behalf of its members in professional, administrative and personal matters. 

Professional Lobbying Effort – The FBIAA currently enjoys a long term relationship with the Washington, D.C. based lobbying firm of Bracewell LLP which represents its interests before the Congress and the Administration. Our lobbyists are appropriately skilled at navigating the complexities of Capitol Hill and have a demonstrated record of success. The strategic communications unit at Bracewell LLP assists the FBIAA with a comprehensive media outreach program.

Electronic News Dissemination – Membership is reserved for current and retired Special Agents of the FBI. Once your membership is established via the website you will receive periodic FBI related news in electronic format at the e-mail address you provide.

Charitable Offerings - The FBIAA maintains both the Memorial College Fund (MCF) and the Membership Assistance Fund (MAF).  Contributions to both funds are tax deductible.  The MCF was created following a series of tragic incidents resulting in the loss of five Special Agents of the FBI.  The MCF provides financial assistance to the children and spouses of deceased FBI Agents in obtaining a collegiate level education.  The MCF currently covers approximately 75% of the annual cost of attending college for the fund recipients.

The MAF was established for the purpose of providing financial assistance to Association Members and their families who have been affected by a sudden unforseen tragedy or catastrophic event.  The impetus for the MAF was the donations received by the FBIAA for the FBI victims of Hurricane Katrina, a series of California wildfires, and a terrorist attack in Pakistan. The formal establishment of this fund allows the generosity of the donors to be properly recognized.

Accidental Death Benefit - As a benefit to members’ families, in the event of an untimely passing, the Association has established a member death benefit insurance policy valued at $25,000. Further explanation of these benefits and policies are available within the member’s area of the website or by contacting the Association by phone or e-mail.

FERSGUIDE, LLC publishes a comprehensive retirement guide for federal law enforcement officers, aptly named the FERSGUIDE. As an FBIAA member you will have access to a free electronic copy of the FERSGUIDE in PDF format. Also, each member who downloads the FERSGUIDE will be placed on the FERSGUIDE mailing list and receive a monthly email newsletter with items of interest with regard to federal retirement benefits and updates on benefits.
 LifeLock® Identity Theft Protection Services   
FBIAA members and their families are entitled to purchase LifeLock® identity theft protection services at a 60% discounted rate. This special rate is available only to our members and is subsidized by FBIAA.  LifeLock® provides a unique and comprehensive system of identity protection which is best summarized in their three-step process: Detect, Alert, and Restore. LifeLock® constantly searches trillions of data points for potential threats. If anything looks suspicious, users are immediately alerted. If you do become a victim, a Certified Resolution Specialist will handle your case every step of the way.

Please login to your FBIAA account to see Lifelock’s discounted prices for members.